About Us

Radical Combustion Technologies (RCT) is developing ‘clean and green’ hardware retrofit kits to improve operating performance of internal combustion engines. One target market is the Natural Gas Transmission Industry where approximately 6,000 Legacy-integral stationary engines operate NG interstate pipelines in North America. RCT’s improved performance of these engines will: reduce pollutant emissions, save fuel, lower O & M costs and increase horse-power (HP).


RCT is prepared to begin working with natural gas internal combustion engine customers where lowering emissions is very important. We are in the process of setting up “in-the-field” tests to demonstrate RCTClean on customer engines. If you have an interest in having your engine type as a part of these tests please contact our CEO at rathompson@radcomtec.com


RCT is entering the next round of Seed financing in order to fund full commercial development of RCTClean products. To this end we are working with a University partner for Proof-of-Concept (PoC) testing of RCTClean technology.  If you have an interest in investing please contact our CFO at pfoconor@radcomtec.com